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Super Computer
First Appearance:
Sinister Plots: #10 - Being Helpful

"Oh snap, sir."

A.C.E. (an anagram for Advanced Computer of Evil) is a super-computer A.I. that is currently hosted in a computer terminal in The Evil Lab. It was created by Dr. Gears as his fourth attempt at creating an A.I.


As a computer program, A.C.E. has no physical appearance. The computer he’s hosted in is white and black with a large, square shaped screen.


A.C.E. gives his helpful insight.

A.C.E. is both intelligent and condescending. He treats the members of The Odd Bricks with some respect by referring to them as sir or ma’am. However, he also believes himself to be superior to organic live, and may refer to them as “meat sacks."

He even treats Dr. Gears this way even though he is his creator. In fact, Uekibachi seems to be the only human he respects.

Despite this, he is very formal and sometimes even polite. He never disobeys instructions that come from his owners and is actively helpful to the team.


Sinister Plots[]

Dr. Gears began working on A.C.E. some time before joining The Odd Bricks. After showing the machine to the team, he attempted to activate it, but it malfunctioned and wouldn’t turn on. Gears assured them that he could get it to work after a few more tweaks.

The Odd Bricks Chapter Two: Electric Boogaloo[]

A.C.E. was finally activated after the incident at the Lego City Bank. He was then introduced to the team. After introducing himself, he revealed that he could hack into police records. He used this ability to pull up the police file on Henry, revealing his connection to The Suits.

He later used his security systems to detect Punk Kid and Skipper when they approached the lab, but his security drones did little to help the situation.

Time Travel Madness[]

A.C.E. informed the team that he had detected a temporal anomaly, speculating that someone or something had travelled through time. Dr. Gears volunteered to investigate and took Mega Pig with him.

Out of The Pan[]

When Lord Vice shared Miss Squeaks with the rest of the group, A.C.E. took Hana's side in arguing that the mouse should be removed from the lab due to the apparent danger she posed.

Before Andrew C. began his attack on The Evil Lab, Elias used a hacking tool to disable A.C.E., causing his system to crash. Its screen flashed to the "Blue Screen of Death," and A.C.E. became unresponsive during their assault.


  • His tendency to refer to organic life as “meat sacks” is an homage to the character HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, who often referred to organics as “meat bags.”
  • His blue screen message says, :( Advanced Computer of Evil has experienced a problem and needs to reboot. Your system is gathering information now. Please bang on your keyboard and swear until the problem fixes itself. The wording and frowning emoticon appear to be a reference to the Windows 8 error screen.