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Andrew C.


Andrew Carnage
The Suits (co-founder)
Crime Boss
First Appearance:
Introduction: A Toast

Andrew C. (an abbreviation for Andrew Carnage) is the second in command of The Suits. Like all high-ranking members of The Suits, he is known by a fake alias and his real name is unknown. His alias is taken from the founder of U.S. Steel, Andrew Carnage. Both he and the real Andrew Carnage are of Scottish decent.


He is by far the oldest member of The Suits. He has a short, red beard that covers his mouth and chin. His face is notably thin and his cheekbones can be seen. He wears a blue suit with vertical, white stripes and a black top hat.


Andrew C. speaks and asks in a very formal manner and has a low opinion of people who don't. He was notably upset with Punk Kid when he showed up to their meeting in his armored outfit and sat with his foot propped up on the table.

When in Mr. Morgan's presence, he seems to be more submissive. His respect for his partner causes him to act wildly different than usual. He allows Mr. Morgan to speak shortly with him and generally act improper without so much as a complaint.

When in a leadership position, he's very straight forward and take-charge. His ruthlessness makes him invaluable as the second in command to the Suits.


Andrew and Mr. Morgan both started The Suits together long before The Odd Bricks were formed. Andrew allowed Morgan to take the role of first in command while he happily settled for second.

Sinister Plots[]

He personally told Mr. Morgan about what had happened to Henry Clay Frick during the failed robbery attempt. Enraged, Mr. Morgan then told him that the Odd Bricks must be eliminated.

Time Travel Madness[]

After Henry told him and Mr. Morgan that the Odd Bricks weren't vigilantes, Andrew turned to Punk Kid for help. He set up a meeting with him at a diner in Lego City. Andrew said that he intended to hurt The Odd Bricks, but he didn't know where to find them. In exchange for an undisclosed amount of money, Punk Kid told him everything he knew about them, including the location of The Evil Lab. Before Punk Kid left, he warned that after The Odd Bricks were out of the picture, The Suits would be his next target. Andrew's response was that that would be incredibly unwise.

Out of The Pan[]

Andrew Gun.png

He finally acted on his plan by infiltrating The Evil Lab with the aid of Barbel and Elias. At the time, Uekibachi, A.C.E., Noface, and Lord Vice were the only Odd Bricks in the lab. He had Elias disable A.C.E. before walking inside with his gun drawn. Barbel easily defeated two Combat Drones, leaving The Odd Bricks defenseless. He and his men then held the three villains up at gunpoint, prepared to take revenge.