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"Say goodbye to your preconceived notions of safety! And say hello... to my BOOM STICK!"

The Boom Stick is a weapon used by Punk Kid. It is unknown how he obtained it. It was destroyed by Noface.


The Boom Stick is a large, black gun with a long, thick barrel and a side-mounted scope. The tip of the barrel is red and it light's up when the weapon is charging. Despite it's large size, Punk Kid is able to hold it with one hand.


The Boom stick is intended to be a powerful projectile weapon. However, it is extremely impractical in combat because it takes ten minutes to charge. The weapon was never successfully fired, so it is not known how effective it really is.


  • The weapon's name is a reference to the famous speech containing the line "This is my boomstick!" from the cult classic film, Army of Darkness.
  • Despite its massive size, it can be operated with one hand.
    • Even more surprisingly, it can be held in one hand like a pistol.