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Chief Burkley


Brad Burkley
Chief Of Police
First Appearance:

"I've read enough comic books to know what's going on here."

Brad Burkley, more commonly known as Chief Burkley, is the Chief of the Lego City Police department. He is devout to protecting the people of Lego City to the best of his ability.


Chief Burkley has short, light red hair and a slightly darker mustache. He wears a pair of small glasses with circular lenses.


Chief Burkley has a very strange method of investigating and decision-making. He bases many of his decisions on comic book clichés, which can often lead him to making wrong decisions.


Sinister Plots[]

Brad Burkley was first seen leading a large group of LCPD officers surrounding the downtown Lego City bank. This was shortly after The Odd Bricks and Henry Clay Frick had gotten in a struggle because they were both attempting to rob the bank at the same time. After The Odd Bricks and Henry attempted to escape the bank, Burkley promptly arrested Henry and wrongly congratulated The Odd Bricks as heroes because he thought that they had purposefully thwarted the robbery.

Chapter Two: Electric Boogaloo[]

Later, he and Lieutenant Tracey Ruth tried to interrogate Henry Clay Frick about his connection with the robbery. He already assumed that Henry couldn’t have organized the robbery on his own. The only useful information that Henry gave him was that the robbery had something to do with The Suits. When they prodded for more information, Henry demanded a lawyer.

The next day, Brad attempted to get help from a “Meta Advisor” named Christopher Doyle, but he offered little help aside from warning them that there would probably be a "pointless time-traveling subplot."

Out of The Pan[]

He didn't appear again until episode #112 when he was briefly interviewed by BCN News about his investigation into the bank robbery. For unknown reasons, he lied, saying that there was no reason to believe Henry wasn't working alone or that The Suits even existed.


  • He uses Wikipedia for information rather than police records.