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Captain Shirok

Captain Shirok.png

unknown (mid to late thirties)
First Appearance:
Time Travel Madness: #107 - 60% Wrong

Captain Shirok is a captain in The Master's army. He reports to the Master, but is otherwise in charge of his forces, including the Undead Knight and Dug.


Shirok is a middle aged man with red hair. He has a thin beard and moustache partially covering the bony facial features. He dresses in an ornate steel cuirass with a steel helmet and dark green cape.


He has a stern attitude toward his subordinates, often acting sarcastic and condescending. He is extremely annoyed by Dug and will sometimes give him menial and pointless tasks to keep him occupied. Shirok is intimidated by The Master and acts very timidly around him.


Time Travel Madness[]

Shirok made his first appearance after the Undead Knight was defeated by Sir Cassidy. When Dug found the thrall's broken body in the forest, Shirok warned him thatThe Master wouldn't keep fixing him if he continued to fail. The skeleton replied that he wasn't finished yet.

Into The Fire[]

Shirok took the undead knight and Dug to The Master's temple to inform him about Sir Cassidy's escape and Mega Pig's mind reading ability.


  • His Cuirass is the same size and material as the Undead Knight's cuirass. However his has a far more ornate design on it, symbolizing his status.