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"Why did we even rebuild those?" ~ Lord Vice

Combat Drones were invented by Dr. Gears as a security measure for The Evil Lab. They are surprisingly ineffectual in combat. It's believed that there are only two of them that are constantly rebuilt.


Combat drones are humanoid robots with metal plate bodies and black antennas for heads. They come in two colors: white and gold, but their color has nothing to do with their function or performance.


Combat Drones, obviously, are used for combat. Primarily, it is their job to protect The Evil Lab. However, they are extremely weak and have no weapons or defenses of any kind, making them mostly useless.

Combat History[]

Outcome: failure; both drones destroyed

  • Ep. 126: 2 Combat Drones vs. Barbel

Outcome: failure; both drones destroyed


  • The phrase: "Crush, Kill, Destroy, Swag" was used when they first appeared. This is a direct quote from Magic.MOV when a mechanized Rainbow Dash repeatedly said the same thing.