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Barbel - sister
First Appearance:
Out of The Pan: #120 - Stay Focussed

"Actually, we're Austrian."

Elias Leitner is an enforcer for The Suits who specializes in infiltration and hacking. He is native to Austria along with his sister, Barbel.


Elias has pale peach coloured skin, which is strange considering that his sister has yellow skin. His face has sharp, black eyebrows, small eyes, and a thin mouth that is always in a frown. He has a flattop haircut. He wears the same uniform as the other low ranking members of The Suits, a grey and black, long sleeve, wool shirt with black slacks. He also has a backpack that is presumably filled with technical equipment.


He preforms his duties with considerable enthusiasm despite his facial expression. In this way he comes off as more friendly and warm than his sister. When he's given a task, he completes it as quickly as possible, likely because he wants to impress his superiors. He also becomes considerably angry when someone insults his eyebrows.

He is protective of his sister, Barbel, willing to put himself in danger to protect her in a sticky situation.


Out of The Pan[]

Elias and his sister were chosen by Andrew C. to go with him to infiltrate The Evil Lab and kill all of The Odd Bricks that were there. Thanks to Punk Kid, they knew about A.C.E. ahead of time; so Elias hacked and disabled A.C.E. before they even entered the lab, showing considerable skill. After Barbel shot Lord Vice, Noface silently knocked Elias unconscious. He remained incapacitated for the remainder of the chapter.

Into The Fire[]

Elias regained consciousness at some point during the skirmish between Barbel and the remaining Odd Bricks (Uekibachi, Noface, and A.C.E). When Barbel was cornered by the three, Elias gave her a chance to escabe by jumping onto Noface's back and yelling at her to run. She reluctantly obeyed, whispering "Es tut mir leid" (I'm sorry) as she left.


  • His name is Latin for "Elijah."