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Henry Clay Frick
The Suits (former)
Criminal Enforcer
First Appearance:
Introduction: A Toast

"You worry too much."

Henry Clay Frick was the third in command of The Suits before he was arrested during a failed robbery attempt. His actual name remains unknown.


He wears a white undershirt with a dark blue coat, black pants, and a dark red belt. He keeps his blond hair matted down and cut short. Strangely, his thick, black eyebrows do not match his hair color.


Henry was both the youngest, and the most arrogant of the suits. He has a confident, calm personality whenever he is in control of a situation and shows no fear or apprehension when tasked with dangerous tasks. However, when he is not in control of a situation, he can quickly loose his calm demeanor.

He is also a bit of a womanizer, having hit on Tracey Ruth while she was trying to interrogate him.


Henry joined the suits one year before the incident at the Lego City Bank. His efficient way of handling jobs and his special skillset allowed him to quickly advance to become third in command of the organization.

Sinister Plots[]

Henry was put in charge of a bank robbery in lower Lego City. The robbery began flawlessly. However, when Henry intended to escape, The Odd Bricks entered the bank because they were attempting to rob it as well. A short struggle ensued, giving the police enough time to arrive at the bank and arrest Henry.

Chapter Two: Electric Boogaloo[]

Prior to his arrest, Henry was interrogated by Tracey Ruth and Brad Burkley. He was not very forthright with information, but he did teasingly admit that he was a member of The Suits, prompting a police investigation.

Mr. Morgan and Andrew C. later visited him in the Brick County Jail by bribing a corrupt officer. Henry immediately told his two supperiors about how he was thwarted and that The Odd Bricks were actually criminals like them. However, Mr. Morgan was still displeased with Henry's failure and chose to leave him in the hands of the law rather than bail him out. Shocked by the ruthless betrayal, Henry exclaimed that he'd make Mr. Morgan regret his decision, to which Morgan replied, "Good luck."


  • Henry’s fake name is the same as Henry Clay Frick, an American businessman who is also known as “The most hated CEO in American History.”
  • The historical Henry Clay Frick was also a business partner with Andrew Carnage, the man that Andrew C. was named after.
  • The charges of his arrest were: Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated Loitering.