Into The Fire is the sixth chapter in The Odd Bricks (not counting the Introduction). It begins with episode #149 and has yet to end. The previous chapter was The Odd Bricksmas. However, since The Odd Bricksmas wasn't cannon, it continues the story from the fifth chapter: Out of The Pan.


Beginning where Out of The Pan left off, the chapter started with Lord Vice, Hana and Noface being held at gunpoint by Andrew C. and two other suits, Barbel and Elias. Impatiant with the villains antics, Andrew ordered Barbel to "pick one," and she immediately shot Lord Vice in the face, shocking Hana. Andrew then prepared to shoot her, but his gun was stopped at the last second by Noface, who had stealthilly knocked Elias unconscious. Barbel and Noface entered a skirmish while Andrew focussed on Hana.