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Introduction was the prologue chapter of The Odd Bricks, which had only eight pages. The next chapter is Sinister Plots.


Introduction focuses mainly on introducing all of the characters in The Odd Bricks Team as well as The Suits (who are only briefly shown in one page.)

Lord Vice called together Dr. Gears, Uekibachi, Noface, Mega Pig, Evil Mister Rogers, and a “Guy From a Thousand Years in The Past” to start up his own evil team. However, when Lord Vice gave a less-than-satisfactory opening speech, Evil Mister Rogers and the Guy From a Thousand Years in The Past both left. Mr. Rogers said that the team didn’t meet up to his standards and the guy from the past claimed that he had to find out how to get home and apologized.


  • The villains were all recruited with an Internet advertisement, which said “Skilled villains wanted.”