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Miss Squeaks

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First Appearance:
Time Travel Madness: #96 - Feel Better Now?

"You will all bow before me as if I were a GOD!"

Miss Squeaks is a mouse who was exposed to copious amounts of radiation and became sentient. She loathes humans and wishes for the dominance of the rodent race.


She is an unusually large grey field mouse. Her entire body is the same solid grey color.


Despite her inteligence, she still behaves like a feral animal toward humans. She hates all humans for "oppressing the rodent race." She also seems to make no distinction between normal and undead humans as she treats Lord Vice the same as everyone else.


Miss Squeaks gnaws on Lord Vice's face

Lord Vice bought Miss Squeaks from an unknown pet shop. He apparantly bought her for a very low price because of her exposure to radiation, but it's still implied that he was scammed in the transaction. He brought her to The Evil Lab with the intention of using her to replace Dr. Gears and Mega Pig. A.C.E. and Hana both opposed the new pet when they found out more about her origins. She became more unruly and eventually jumped out of Lord Vice's hands and zealously declared that she was going to end the age of man and stop the oppression of mice. Lord Vice still seemed to be optimistic about her, but the rest of the team surrounded her, pointing out that she had no exit strategy. However, she escaped by pointing out a distraction (claiming she saw a new episode of Monk) and scampering off.


  • The line: "You will all bow before me as if I were a god!" was a direct quote from the red zealot charter from Red vs. Blue.
  • According to the pet store owner Lord Vice bought her from, at least 60% of her mutations were "good things."
    • Although this would imply that she has at least five mutations, the only known mutations are her ability to speak and her massive size.