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Mr. Morgan

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Mr. Morgan
The Suits (founder)
Crime Lord
First Appearance:
Introduction: A Toast

"These 'Odd Bricks' must be eliminated!"

Mr. Morgan is the alias of the leader of The Suits. His true name is unknown, but his alias is taken from the real-life American J.P. Morgan. Aside from this, he has no strong connection to the historical figure’s personality or appearance.


Mr. Morgan has short, brown hair and pencil-thin eyebrows. He usually wears a tuxedo, complete with a bowtie and white gloves.


Mr. Morgan usually comes off as a “cool and calculating” type of villain when he plots and commands. However, he is also extremely ambitious, and his ambition makes it impossible for him to calmly accept failures and setbacks. In these situations, he becomes unable to control his pent up rage and may even display fits of violence.

His only known friend is Andrew C., and he is in no way open to forming relationships with anyone else. He is harsh toward anyone who fails a task he has assigned them, and shows little to no leeway in the matter.


Mr. Morgan partnered with Andrew C. to start up The Suits as an ambitious project to gain more power. It is not known exactly when this happened, but it is implied that they started the group many years before the formation of The Odd Bricks.

Mr. Morgan took the role of first in command, as well as all the responsibilities that came with it. Under his leadership, and with the help of Andrew, The Suits grew to be the most influential criminal organization in Lego City.


After celebrating his organization’s success, he assigned his third in command, Henry Clay Frick, to rob a bank in the lower city. He later received word that Henry had been arrested, and the robbery had been stopped by The Odd Bricks. Upon hearing this, he ordered Andrew to see to it that the Odd Bricks were killed, beginning the rivalry between the two groups.

He later visited Henry in the Brick County Jail and bribed the guard so that no one would know he visited. Henry told him that The Odd Bricks weren't the heroes the media said they were and detailed the events of the robbery. Mr. Morgan then told Henry that he was a failure and had become useless to him. As a punishment, he betrayed Henry and left him in his cell to rot despite easilly being able to bail him out.