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Sir Cassidy

Sir Cassidy.png

First Appearance:
Time Travel Madness: #84 - Intervention

"I'm Sir Cassidy, by the way..."

Sir Cassidy is a female knight who fights for the Kingdom of Tropus. Very little has been explained about her character as of yet.


Sir Cassidy usually wears a suit of silver plate armor with steel chains. She also carries two identical blades which she keeps strapped to her sides. Without her helmet, she has long flowing rose red hair that extends down her back.


Sir Cassidy is very serious and straight forward. However, she also seems to have a condescending nature when dealing with Dr. Gears especially. His less-than-serious ways bring out a bit of snark and sarcasm in her, but never to the point that it gets in the way of what she's doing.

She seems to prefer being alone as evident by the fact that she first arrived by herself. Despite this, she's willing to put up with others and even aid them for nothing in return.


Time Travel Madness[]


Sir Cassidy arrived seemingly out of nowhere to save Dr. Gears and Mega Pig when they were being assaulted by an Undead Knight. She initially thought that she had defeated the knight efficiently by stabbing him in the chest, but the undead thrall stood back up and revealed its undead nature, resulting in a longer fight. Sir Cassidy eventually won by cutting it into three pieces to immobalize it, but in the skirmish her helmet was lost, revealing her gender to the two Odd Bricks. She assured both of them that it still wasn't safe and lead them to Borderwatch where they could answer each other's questions.

Out of The Pan[]

Dr. Gears told her how they had been sent to her time period and she seemed suprisingly unphased by that information. In return, she told Dr. Gears what she knew about The Master. When inquired further, she explained what she knew about The Master, his origins, and how he was originally slain by Sir McGuffin She told him that The Master was likely seeking out The Sword of Sir McGuffin in order to regain and control his powers, and that his unstable state was likely how Dr. Gears and Mega Pig had been sent back in time in the first place.

Fighting Style[]

Dual Blades: Despite the fact that her armor is likely cumbersome, her fighting style is very agile. She fights with two identical blades, one in each hand, preferring to pary with one and strike with the other (usually the left and right respectively).