Punk Kid (partner)
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"You have the potential to be a real nuisance to our plans. Turning the city into a desolate Hell-hole and whatnot."

Skipper is a talking frog who grudgingly follows Punk Kid. He is a skilled spy and planner, but his talents are often wasted with Punk Kid leading him.


Skipper is a small, green frog.


Skipper has a very sarcastic and spiteful attitude and is easily annoyed by Punk Kid’s constant talking. Despite this, he is a very loyal companion.


Punk and Skipper

Skipper relaying information to Kid

  • Punk Kid: Punk Kid is Skipper's closest friend, partner, and greatest sourse of annoyance. Punk Kid's constant talking and Skipper's lack of patience often puts the two at odds with each other, usually resulting in Skipper losing his cool and yelling at Kid. Despite their differences, the two share the same motivations and work together well when they aren't fighting. Skipper acts as Punk Kid's informant and personal spy because of his quick wit and small size.
  • Lord Vice: He was clearly more annoyed with Lord Vice than any other member of the Odd Bricks. Lord Vice's stupidity seemed to greatly aggrivate him.


Skipper was first seen spying on The Odd Bricks from within The Evil Lab. After he learned that The Odd Bricks weren’t actually heroes, he reported back to Punk Kid and told him everything he had learned.

He followed Punk Kid back to the Evil Lab. After easily dispatching two Combat Drones, they entered the lab with the intentions of killing all five of The Odd Bricks. After a long struggle, they failed and escaped.


  • The Brick House is another Lego Webcomic that has been accredited as the inspiration for The Odd Bricks. One of The Brick House's main characters is an identical frog named Hop Scotch.
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