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The Evil Lab is The Odd Bricks’ main base of operations. It has several computer panels, one large, blue tube, and houses one A.I., A.C.E. on a large computer terminal.


It is located in an alleyway somewhere on the outskirts of Lego City. The location is hidden and only a few characters know where it is.



The Evil Lab 2.0

The outside of the lab is made of solid, inconspicuous grey bricks with a bared metal door as the only entrance. There are no windows.


The interior of the lab has changes once. During the Introduction and Sinister Plots the lab was very bare.  The walls were made of solid grey base-plates and a felt grey backdrop. It had one half tube, a green canister, and a row of computer panels. A.C.E. was later added to the far wall.

From chapter two onward, the lab was changed to have bley walls on all sides. The half tube was changed to a full blue tube. Red lights were also added as well as a few compartments in the walls. The computer panel and green canister remained the same.


All of the lab's security systems are controlled by A.C.E. It's implied that the lab has a system of security cameras because A.C.E. has been able to pull up security feeds from outside the lab. Combat Drones are deployed in the event of a violent attack. However, the door is frequently left unlocked.

Running Jokes[]

  • Canister.jpg
    What the hell is this supposed to be?: The green canister in the front left corner of the lab seems to serve no purpose. It is a mixture of various shades of green and grey with a black lever on the top. The pointlessness of the item was first pointed out by Dr. Gears in episode #13 when he stared at it for a long period of time and asked, "What the hell is this supposed to be?" No answer was given. It was brought back in episode #34 when Noface wondered the same thing. The machine made a buzzing noise in episode #99, but still didn't produce a noticeable effect. In episode #188, it made another buzzing sound as Noface exited the lab.
  • A distraction!: when a character in the Evil Lab is surrounded or captured, they often escape by pointing out a distraction on the other side of the room (the side which is never seen by the audience). They will literally say that they see a "distraction" without defining what it is. Lord Vice even commented that he really did see "a distraction." In episode #119, Miss Squeaks tried to use this trick, but it didn't work. Instead, she tried saying she saw a new episode of Monk in that direction, which did work.