The Odd Bricks Wiki

The Odd Bricks are a criminal group comprised of five villains that was founded by Lord Vice. The group aspires to become a well-known and feared criminal conglomeration. However, the general public actually thinks that they are super heroes rather than villains because they accidentally stopped a robbery in progress at a bank they were attempting to rob themselves. Accidentally making enemies with The Suits in the process.


-Lord Vice: Leader

-Dr. Gears: Lead Scientist

-Uekibachi: Combat Expert

-Noface: Combat Expert

-Mega Pig: Mind Reader and Mascot

-A.C.E.: Super-Computer

Known Enemies[]

-Punk Kid

-The Suits

-Captain Bley


The Odd Bricks came into public recognition when they accidentally attempted to rob a bank that was already being robbed by Henry Clay Frick and two of his henchmen. They stopped the robbery in progress at an attempt to get the money for themselves, but were instead stopped by the Lego City Police Department who congratulated them on their efforts.

Their name was given to them by BCN News who called them “The Odd Bricks” while they covered the story.

In Time Travel Madness, two of their members (Dr. Gears and Mega Pig) were unintentionally sent to the past while investigating a temporal anomaly, leaving them temporarily weakened.