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The Suits are the most powerful criminal organization in Lego City. They have been operating in the city long before the formation of The Odd Bricks. They have many enemies, including The Odd Bricks, The LCPD, and the Space Police.

The names of its three leaders are not actually known. They have all taken on fake names. The fake names are the same names as three famous and/or infamous American businessmen: J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnage, and Henry Clay Frick. Another common theme among its high ranking members is that they all wear formal attire, leading to their name.

Their rivalry with The Odd Bricks began when the villainous team accidentally got a prominent member of the suits arrested.

Important Members[]

Mr. Morgan: Leader

Barbel: Second in Command - Current

Andrew C.: Second in Command - Former (now deceased)

Henry Clay Frick: Third in Command - Former (now jailed)


- Elias

- Barbel - Former (now promoted)

Known Enemies[]

The Odd Bricks

- The Lego City Police Department

- The Space Police

- Punk Kid and Skipper


The Suits was started up by Mr. Morgan and Andrew C. It is not known how they were able to rise to power, but their rise was likely aided by the business sense of its two founders. Henry joined shortly after.

Henry was eventually trusted to head up a bank robbery in the lower city. The robbery began flawlessly. However, when Henry intended to escape, The Odd Bricks entered the bank because they were attempting to rob it as well. A short struggle ensued, giving the police enough time to arrive at the bank and arrest Henry. As a result of this, Mr. Morgan declared a rivalry with The Odd Bricks.

After getting a tip from Punk Kid, Andrew C. organized an attack on the Odd Brick's base with Elias and Barbel. The attack was a failure, however. Elias was captured and Andrew and Barbel barely escaped. Barbel believed that she had killed Lord Vice in the attack, but he later recovered in a hospital.

After the attack, Barbel betrayed Andrew by shooting him in the back. She lied to Mr. Morgan, saying that Andrew had been killed by the Odd Bricks. He believed her and promptly promoted her to second in command.