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The Sword after it was hidden away.

The Sword of Sir McGuffin is a mundane-looking sword, likely made of iron or steel, that was wielded by the legendary warrior Sir McGuffin when he slew The Master.


The Sword teeming with The Master's power.

The sword is a typical broadsword that appears to be made of steel due to it's light grey color. However, the sword also glows with a purple aura when it absorbed power from The Master and it can be assumed that it glows with the same aura whenever it slays a foe.


The sword was first weilded by Sir McGuffin in "a lost time in history." For reasons yet unexplained, the sword became more powerful with each foe it bested. Sir McGuffin used the sword to forge a path to glory before the rise of The Master.

When the master started his uprising against the king, Sir McGuffin used the sword to duel and eventually defeat The Master. As a result, the sword absorbed most of The Master's power. Realizing that the sword had become too powerful for any man to weild, Sir McGuffin hid it away in an unknown location.


Sir Cassidy told Dr. Gears about the sword and it's history to explain some of his questions about who the Master was and why he was trying to kill them, explaining that the Master needed to retrieve the sword in order to regain his power. Without the sword, the Master's powers were weak and unstable.


  • The sword's name is a play on a popular trope. A "McGuffin" is a device in a story that the plot is dependant on and is typically considered to be an overused story telling device.