Lieutenant Tracey Ruth
Tracey Ruth
Police Lieutenant
First Appearance:

"Say that again and I'm gonna start breaking off pieces."

Tracey Ruth is a Lieutenant in the Lego City Police Department under Chief Brad Burkley.


Tracey wears a standard black police uniform. She has thick, brown hair that is thickly braded in the back. She always wears a pair of opaque, silver sunglasses.


She is a no-nonsense cop who gets frustrated when an investigation goes slowly. She plays the role of the "bad cop" in the good cop, bad cop routine and she's considerably good at it. She can come off as cold in the way she deals with criminals and has little tollerance for jokes.


  • Henry Clay Frick: She tried to be straight forward when she interrogated him, but Henry smuggly avoided giving straight answers and refered to her as "sweet stuff," angering her further. She began to insult him back. She also threatened to "break off pieces" if he hit on her again.
  • Brad Burkley: Burkley is her coworker who she seems to have some respect for. However, she's not afraid to give her blunt opinion when she's not satisfied with how a case is going.


She was introduced when she assisted Chief Burkley in an interrogation of Henry Clay Frick. When they realized he worked for The Suits, she was put in charge of a police investigation into the matter.

She later complained to Burkley that there weren't any leads to chase down. Burkley responded by enlisting the help of Christopher Doyle as a "Meta Advisor." Doyle hinted that the best thing to do was to ignore what seemed important and chase down minute details.

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