Undead Knight

Undead Knight

Undead Thrall
First Appearance:
Time Travel Madness: #80 - Back To Basics

"Already... DEAD!"

The Undead Knight is an unnamed character who serves The Master. He wears heavy armor and is proficient in the use of a two-handed battle-ax.


The undead knight is completely skeletal. His face is identical to Punk Kid's mask, except in his case, it's real. He wears a full set of dark grey plate armor with a tall helmet and liftable face-guard.


Time Travel MadnessEdit

The knight attacked Dr. Gears and Mega Pig shortly after they were sent to his time period. The attack was seemingly unprovoked. Dr. Gears managed to avoid his death blows until Sir Cassidy suddenly ambushed the Undead Knight. The two knights fought for some time and the Undead Knight even managed to knock her helmet off, but Sir Cassidy eventually won the skirmish by cutting him into three pieces. This didn't kill him, but it did immobilize him. He was later retrieved by Dug, two of The Master's soldiers, and an unnamed Captain. He swore revenge.

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